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Frontier Vehicle Salvage is our core back office administrative system covering every aspect of vehicle salvage. Frontier Vehicle Salvage is easy to use yet offers a wealth of features for Vehicle Salvage Operators both large and small.

Our Frontier Salvage product offers you simple yet powerful searching. It is easy to understand as all information on the vehicle is automatically loaded with the vehicles itself. It also saves you time by allowing you to work on multiple vehicles simultaneously. Frontier Salvage allows all invoices to be raised automatically and can calculate how much vehicles should cost as it holds full insurance company contracts (past & present). We have included a Batch re-printing feature which enables you to effectively pursue insurance companies for all of those outstanding charges. As well as this, we also offer Batch purchasing which allows you to pay for multiple vehicles with one payment, this saves you on overheads, time and effort.


All of your printing needs are met, including invoices, auction catalogues, reports and cheque printing. Frontier Salvage allows you to print straight onto your own stationery, or design a template for use on blank paper. Any document can be scanned and stored with the vehicle. Digital Image Inspections and Re-Negs can be simply produced and emailed with images from within the vehicle record with just a click!  With Frontier Salvage you can take multiple digital photos and store them with the vehicle record. The images can then be used when exporting to online services, in emails and in reports.


As well as Frontier Salvage handling international repatriations it also handles all of your VAT in line with the VAT Margin Scheme – whether the vehicles are private, commercial or leased, so you don’t have to worry about any of this yourself. The system integrates with to help you comply with Government recycling targets and the system also links to accounting systems such as Sage and Pegasus. Frontier Salvage can link with your email account and can take uplift notifications, clearances, auction and selling information directly from your emails making this easier and quicker for you. You can make offers against vehicles using our Frontier Salvage system and if successful these will be automatically converted into full vehicle records. The system also automatically exports vehicles to all popular online salvage auctions to save you from doing this manually. As well as this, Frontier Salvage allows you to display a list of your uncleared vehicles for future sales. With Frontier Salvage uplift charges are now broken down into multiple categories and it uses email for authorisation. Frontier Salvage has a Certificate of Destruction feature as Frontier exports to various systems for generating CODs including DVLA, ELVEs and Car Take Back.


Frontier Salvage is great for storing important information as returning customer details can be stored and viewed, and the details shared with Frontier Dismantling to build up a complete customer history. Notes can be used to record everything else about a vehicle, including phone call summaries and customer contact details and these can be set to pop-up automatically. Storing any file with a vehicle record is easy by a simple drag and drop. Our Frontier Salvage offers a Royal Mail Postcode data feature, there are two options with this feature, the basic option and the premium option. The basic option provides street level address lookup and the premium option offers additional premisis details. There is also a MapPoint feature included which allows all of your pending uplifts to be plotted onto a map, these uplifts can be colour coded according to your own pre-set criteria allowing you view this information at a glance. Frontier Salvage has a quick ELV entry screen and includes a HPI Lookup feature, all you have to do is enter the vehicle registration number and the system will run a HPI Identity Check and fill in all the vehicle details automatically. Comprehensive reports can then be provided, covering everything from stock levels, sales performance, invoices and profitability.


solutions-icon-moreAdditional bolt-on packages


A range of optional but recommended packages are available for Frontier Vehicle Salvage. Each bolt-on enhances the software package and enables you to work more efficiently whilst managing your salvage operation.


Frontier Salvage Recovery



A mobile application for recovery drivers that allows real-time updates and electronic form filling. Read more>>


Frontier Yard



A mobile application that allows your forklift drivers to find vehicles quickly and keep their location up to date with a live real-time link to your system.  Read more>>


Frontier Sales Screen



An application that displays a sales screen which shows your latest vehicles and parts for sale, suitable for a sales counter, reception area and general advertising.   Read more>>


Frontier VISTA



VISTA – an online management portal for insurance companies and councils to manage their vehicles that you collect. It allows for adding new vehicle collections with timing criteria, search and view details of vehicles (including viewing images), and run management reports. Read more>>


Frontier Web listings


web V3

An application that shows salvage vehicle lists on your website with full information and photographs.  Read more>>


Frontier Bidders



An application that allows you to run live in-house auctions of your salvage vehicles. Please contact us to discuss this option.




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